20 Tips for Kickstarting your Change Efforts

Developed from our Free 5 Day Open Space Technology Email Coursecheap jerseys here are a number of tips that might help you kickstart a change initiative.

1. Take a wholesale jerseys from china “Community of Practice” approach

2. To find who your change champions are begin with a mindset of invitation

3. Understand who your Sponsor(s) of change really are and engage with them

4. An invitation is different to a statement. If you want people to find answers – encourage questions first.

5. View people within the system as though they are volunteers – what really motivates them?

6. Remember that breaks and transitions are as important as the core agenda items within meetings

7. The theory of Open Space says the most important work happens in the breaks. How are you using your breaks and transitions?

8. In OST there is a high degree of structure that sits around the “how” of the meeting. The flexibility of the structure is around the “what”.

9. Use ground-rules that enable an architecture of participation to be developed and built upon.

10. Use the OST principle “Whoever comes are the right people” to develop momentum within your change initiative

11. Any change initiative has a spectrum of roles and players. Does your design take account of this?

12. One of the biggest OST misconceptions impeding change initiatives: We just show up on the day and it’ll all happen. Be prepared.

13. Alot of the preparation work of OST is to prepare the ground for self-organisation to work its magic. Be prepared to be surprised.

14. Develop greater effectiveness in working with resistance and difficult group dynamics by taking a “rhythm view”. Everything has a rhythm.

15. Ironic! The OST facilitators principle of “doing one less thing” means one more thing for others to do. This builds capability and capacity within the system.

16. Begin with the end in mind. But be prepared for change along the way. This may mean a change in the “end” too.

17. Develop an understanding of the four principles and one law of Open Space. You will then know all you need to know about group dynamics. And resistance.

18. Get the “system” in the room. Ask the provocative question. Get out of the way and let people get to work.

19. Design with Bob Dick’s 3 Key Action Learning Principles of: Freedom within Limits along with ample Support and Challenge.

20. Know when the roles of Warrior, Healer, Teacher and Visionary are needed within your change effort.

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