Being one of Australia’s leading practitioners of Open Space Technology,  we have experience ranging within and across a wide range of organisations, spanning private, public and tertiary sectors. From prison guard trainers to health-care professionals; from diverse multi-stakeholder engagements to teams in conflict; we have seen OST deliver. This 4 week online coaching program is the result of years of on-the-ground practical experience.

Here’s what people have been saying about our work with Open Space Technology:

“I believe that this event succeeded in inspiring our management and leadership teams.  Your efforts helped us to articulate why collaboration is so vital to the success of Aurecon and to build belief in our business structure and strategy moving forward.  This was undoubtedly one of the most memorable management events we have had and your contribution was much appreciated. On behalf of the leadership team, thank you.” –Tony Barry, Chief Executive of Aurecon Asia Pacific

“The Open Space workshop was the ideal approach for enabling genuine participation, opportunities for communication and for building relationships. By ensuring group ownership of workshop outcomes the approach facilitated a strong connection for participants from diverse organisations to work together into the future.”  –Kathy Overton, Sustainability Victoria

” We organised a workshop with the particular purpose of bringing together technical experts from two very different fields. However, the means by which we could engender inter-disciplinary interaction was not obvious. Open Space enabled an exploration of this intersection in a very self-directed way. The endogenously generated program from the Open Space process propagated discussions on topics, and at a technical level, that suited participants. This would have been difficult if not impossible to organise a head of time.” –Tim Baynes, CSIRO

“Bring four important peak organisations together with the government department that supports a statutory body that has an individual relationship with each body and who have not met together before as a group and simply see whether there is something to be gained from the sharing of information, interests and individual visions for the future…and the process of discovery becomes a rich journey.” –Deborah Westfield, Adult Community and Further Education