Great to have you join our 4 week online coaching program.
Over the next 4 weeks I hope you find this program useful, practical and fun.
This practical hands-on 4 week online coaching program will see you:
  • Learning about the origins of OST and what makes it different from other forms of group facilitation
  • Learning the practical steps for successful facilitation of any OST event
  • Being coached and guided through the 4 key phases of an OST event
  • Developing the skills and mindset required for successful OST Facilitation
  • Hearing real-life stories, case-studies and tips to help accelerate your own OST facilitation capability
  • Changing the way you approach facilitating groups and change programs forever!

And, in particular, each week of this four week program will see you gaining access to core webinar content, where the following topics will be covered:


Along with the webinars, you will also be receive coaching emails throughout the weeks building on the material within the webinars and inviting you to complete tasks to share within the online-members-forum.


To get started – please head across to Welcome to OST Coaching within the forums. This will provide you more of an introduction to the program including asking you to provide an introduction of yourself within the forum.