This week is designed to help you begin the preparation needed to ensure that you’re ready for the OST event.

Webinar 2: Pre-work

The key learning outcomes from this webinar will see you:

  • Understanding the importance of the Sponsor and how you can support them through the process
  • Learning how to facilitate the development of a theme, craft an invitation and prepare an agenda for the OST event
  • Learning the practicalities of what logistics and set-up are needed for an OST event


Additional Readings:

I have personally found Michael Herman’s Open Space Inviting Guide such a useful resource that I wrote to him and told him about this online coaching program and asked him for permission to include this resource within the program. He said YES!

Take the time to read through this guide. And in particular – take note of two things:

  1. The “Crafting the Invitation” section on pages 5-9
  2. The Checklists on pages 12-14


Example Templates:

Please download and edit any of the templates below to suit the requirements for your upcoming OST event:

Bonus Downloads for Premium/VIP members